Elder Abuse & Mistreatment

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legalEvery hour, 365 days a year, a case of elder abuse is reported to the police, yet this is one of the most under-reported crimes. Victims are women and men, and the person abusing them may be a spouse, an adult child, a relative or a caretaker. Elder Abuse is a Crime!

What Is It?
Elder abuse is a pattern of abuse that consists of knowing, intentional, or negligent acts occurring within a relationship with an older person. Elder abuse has many forms which may include acts such as:

  • Physical
    beating, slapping, burning, cutting, shaking, spitting, applying inappropriate physical contact, abandoning, under or over medicating, denying food or water, delaying medical treatment
  • Psychological
    threatening, harassing, humiliating, demeaning, calling names, isolating, ignoring, frightening, intimidating, infantilizing, destroying property
  • Financial
    illegal or unethical use of funds or assets, theft, embezzlement, misuse of property, extortion, fraud, failure to support
  • Sexual
    sexual contact without consent
  • Neglect
    intentional or unintentional failure to provide basic needs including food, water, hygiene, care or medication

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