Community Education

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The Safe Center offers the following programs to general members of the community, parents and concerned adults:

  • Community Response to Domestic Violence: We will discuss the scope of the problem of Intimate Partner Violence and the services available for victims. We will explore how individuals, groups and institutions can help to identify and prevent partner violence in all its forms.
  • Enough Abuse-Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse: Our expert trainers will teach you how to identify, prevent and appropriately respond to sexual abuse at home and in the community. We will discuss warning signs of children who may have been harmed, and adults who may want to harm children. Participants will learn ways that families, groups and organizations can create safer environments in which children can learn, play and grow.
  • Community Response to Rape and Sexual Assault: We will discuss the prevalence of the issue including which groups are at higher risk for experiencing assault, the emergence of drug facilitated sexual assault, how rape culture perpetuates abuse, the emotional and physical impact of rape and sexual assault on survivors as the services available to those who have been victimized.
  • Community Response to Sex Trafficking: We will explore how human sex trafficking exists in our communities and what we can do to stop it.
  • Stop Spanking! Campaign: Physical discipline of children, even punishment that does not result in lasting physical harm, can cause damage to children on a cognitive, social and emotional level. We will make the case against spanking, and challenge your group to champion a Stop Spanking! campaign in your community.
  • Safe Dates: Safe Center educators are available to go into high schools to train students on healthy relationships and how to prevent partner abuse and sexual assault.

If you would like to book a training, contact our Education Department at training@tscli.org.

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