Enough Abuse Campaign

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The Enough Abuse Campaign’s mission is to create an environment free of sexual abuse where children can learn, play and grow. This fits in with the mission of The Safe Center, which is to protect, assist and empower victims of family violence and sexual assault while challenging and changing social systems that tolerate and perpetuate abuse.


For over 30 years The Safe Center has worked to educate others about ways to protect children against child sexual abuse. The Safe Center is home to the Nassau County Child Advocacy Center, where a team of dedicated professionals work together to help children and families whose lives have been affected by child sexual abuse. But as we are well aware, the best way to fight child abuse is to prevent it from ever happening in the first place.

In 2015, The Safe Center was chosen to be 1 of 5 counties spearheading the Enough Abuse Campaign in their areas. We see this as an exciting opportunity to broaden our reach and continue to bring awareness to the issue of child sexual abuse by educating as many adults as possible. In December of 2015, approximately 40 volunteers became trained facilitators in Enough Abuse curriculum. They will be available to go out to the community and train parents, professionals and community members in how to keep kids safe from abuse.

We are just at the beginning of our collaboration with the Enough Abuse Campaign and can already see the impact and potential of this powerful initiative at preventing child sexual abuse in New York State.


  • Perform outreach to youth agencies, businesses, sports organizations, community groups, social service agencies, medical centers and hospitals to deliver Enough Abuse curriculum to staff and community members
  • Publicize in local media and through The Safe Center’s social media outlets
  • Collaborate with Enough Abuse Partners 3 to 4 times per year to assess progress of the Enough Abuse Campaign, expansion of the program, and outreach to community organizations, schools and businesses.
  • Train up to an additional 20 volunteer facilitators each year
  • Expand Enough Abuse Campaign curriculum to schools of social work, education, psychology or medicine at colleges and universities throughout Nassau County. Including at least one training to staff/students from one of these educational institutions.
  • Expand outreach to additional mental health agencies, medical offices, schools, community groups, businesses, places of worship and youth serving and sports organizations and begin delivering curriculum in those places. Our goal is to train staff in all school districts in Nassau County.
  • Expand outreach to businesses, small and large, providing “lunch-and-learn” overviews of child sexual abuse prevention to their employees.
  • Track trainings and provide ongoing support to Enough Abuse Campaign volunteer facilitators

Enough Abuse Partners

Schedule a Training

For further information about trainings or to schedule a workshop for your organization or group, please contact Rondi Casey or Tracy Stopler, at (516)465-9289 or


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